Quality is the lifeblood of a product

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Quality is the lifeline of products, boosting the development of dual suction pump industry

There are many problems in the dual suction and opening pump industry

Although China has countless pairs of suction pump manufacturers, but the domestic double suction pump city industry base large number, but in the high-end part of the industry is very small and weak, the industrial structure is very deformed. Therefore, the domestic double suction pump in the open market competition should be from imperfect competition to international competition, the full range of local market competition, will shift production capacity and capacity by production capacity of competition.

China's double suction pump industry has developed rapidly in recent years, but the overall level of the industry is still low, the product technology content is low, many key parameters of the high suction pump is also dependent on imports. In the exchange with foreign countries, at the same time, compared with the foreign double suction pump industry, we also see its own shortcomings. According to experts estimate, China's double suction pump level in comparison with foreign advanced countries, 10~20 years behind. From this point of view, China's double suction pumps in the pump industry is very low level, the urgent need to catch up with foreign technical steps.

First of all, from our weakness in several ways to analyze. On the one hand, we have a big gap with foreign countries in the processing technology. Now many Chinese enterprises are busy with production and marketing all day, but seldom make technological improvements in the process, resulting in serious technical neglect. On the other hand, in the quality management and equipment, we also has obvious shortcomings, the domestic quality management there are still many shortcomings, first of all more or less ignored in the process, many businesses have quality assurance system obviously can actually work, but not useless, quality management to execute their own way, arbitrary; second in the assembly process is sloppy.

Double suction pump in the enterprise quality should not be underestimated

As China's double suction pump manufacturing enterprises, but also should be "quality, safety" as the primary task. The low quality of the dual suction pump will bring disastrous consequences to the customers. Any negligence and neglect of the position will affect the enterprise to varying degrees. Therefore, whether it is smelting, casting, processing and other enterprise units, or quality management departments, are duty bound quality responsibility.

Twenty-first Century is the century of quality. Facts have proved that the quality has become the lifeline of enterprise survival, and even evolved into a productive force, it is the core of market competition, is the guarantee of people's lives. For an enterprise, quality is the basis of product quality, creating a brand, is the company's image and appearance, only to create first-class quality, to create first-class products, create first-class products, can be in an invincible position in economic globalization.

In order to ensure the quality and safety, a double suction pump in the open manufacturing enterprises to control the quality of products of each process, including the quality of the parts in the manufacturing process of semi-finished products and the quality of the final product process; on the other hand, in order to improve the quality of each employee's work. The former requires strict control from the technology, while the latter emphasizes the staff's meticulous, dedicated and serious work attitude. To ensure the reliability of product quality, requires each employee to strengthen the sense of responsibility, in the details of the pursuit of excellence, a 1% error is 100% the idea, strict with oneself, excellence.

Domestic double suction pump industry needs to enhance the overall technical level

This China double suction pump in the open export enterprises are facing increasing pressure situation, profits continue to decline, many enterprises have double suction pump in the open by expanding exports in order to survive, the double suction pump in the open product export amount will increase year by year. Double suction pump enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, shift from quantity to scale expansion, pay more attention to the pursuit of quality and efficiency, and actively explore the domestic market, and promote the healthy development of China's double suction pump industry. But limited by technical barriers of other small and medium sized double suction pump in the open enterprise, can the emerging segments to warm the diversity water device double suction pump in the open demand consideration, strengthen engineering supporting capacity, improve the added value of the products in double suction pump.

With the continuous development of dual suction pump technology, the application of dual suction pump opens wider and wider, and the standard of dual suction pump is becoming more and more indispensable. Double suction pumps in the industry into an innovative period, not only product categories need to update, and internal management also needs to deepen reform according to industry standards.

Therefore, through the process of reshuffle of the enterprises should strengthen technological innovation, from quantity and scale to tend to pay more attention to the pursuit of quality and efficiency, and actively explore the domestic market, and promote the sound development of the industry China pump double suction. And limited to other technical barriers to small and medium-sized double suction pump company, you can consider environmentally friendly double suction pump, energy-saving double suction, pump in the emerging segments of the demand, and enhance the supporting capacity of the project. You can also bypass the trade barriers of the countries concerned by going out, producing, selling or exporting dual suction pumps in other countries. Actively create demand, accelerate the China industrial capital going out, and actively promote the production output strategy can not only alleviate the internal contradictions between supply and demand will also China the double suction pump in the open enterprise globalization brings new opportunities.