Overview of VTP Series Vertical Long Axis Pumps

 The vertical turbine pump     |      2018/7/16 22:36:12

Overview of VTP Series Vertical Long Axis Pumps

VTP series vertical long-axis pumps are single-suction, multi-stage vertical guide vane pumps. This series of pumps is a series of advanced and mature products which have absorbed the advanced experience of design and manufacture of vertical long-axis pumps at home and abroad and combined with the domestic market demand. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, reliable operation, fast start-up, compact structure and small floor area. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, fire protection, mine and iron and steel. Municipal and other industries transport clear water, rainwater, seawater and other media below 80 degrees Celsius.

Model Significance:


100-Pump outlet diameter is 100 mm

VTP-Vertical Long Shaft Pump

126-Design Point Flow 126 m3/h

The design point head of 14-single stage impeller (without cutting) is 14m

A - denotes the outer diameter cutting codes of impellers (A, B, C...)

5-impeller stage 5