Technical requirements for installation of long axis pump control cabinet

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Requirements for technical installation of 450LC-43 vertical long axis pump control cabinet

I. layout and installation of electrical components

450LC-43 vertical long axis pump considers the turning radius of large section traverse, the distance between the strong and weak electric elements, the arrangement of the heating element, easy to generate interference, the arrangement between the source components and so on. These are issues that must be taken into account when component layout is taken into account.

1. The electrical equipment should have enough electrical clearance and creepage distance to ensure the safe and reliable work of the equipment.

2, electrical components and assembly panels of the installation structure should be considered as positive disassembly.

3, the electrical components should be able to separate, replacement, without affecting other components and wire harness fixed.

4, the heating element should be installed in a good cooling place between two heating elements will be used for the connection conductor or bare copper porcelain tube.

5, the location of the fuse installation and the distance between each other should be easy to melt replacement.

6, different voltage level fuses should be arranged separately, not staggered mixing arrangement.

7, strong and weak electrical terminals should be arranged separately; when there is a difficulty, there should be obvious signs, and set up an empty terminal separation or installation of insulation to strengthen the partition. Terminals should have serial numbers, terminals should be easily replaced, and wiring is convenient.

8, the electrical equipment should be increased shock absorber, and its fastening bolts should be taken to prevent loosening measures.

9, fasteners should be galvanized products, bolt specifications should be appropriate matching, electrical appliances should be fixed firm and smooth.

10 、 rail cutting application special rail cutting machine.

11, the groove should be smooth, no distortion, the inner wall should be smooth, without burr.

12, the groove should be connected continuously without interruption, each slot should not be less than two fixed points, in the corner, branch and end should have fixed point.

13, the line slot should be flat and neat, horizontal or vertical allowable deviation is 2 per thousand of its length, the total allowable deviation is 2mm. In parallel installation, the groove cover should be easy to open.

14, circuit breaker, contactor, thermal relay, intermediate relay and other components of the terminal and the line slot line distance should be 30mm, the connection components of the copper connector is too long, should be appropriate to relax the components and the distance between the slot.

15, used to connect the cabinet to enter the wire switch or fuse seat layout position, take into account the line turning radius distance.

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Two 、 wiring requirements

450LC-43 type vertical long axis pump connection first is to ensure the wire section capable of carrying the normal operating current, taking into account the loss due to heating elements in the cabinet, the cabinet of high temperature than the characteristics of sufficient cushion.

The minimum cross-sectional area of 1, the power distribution board of insulated conductors should be 1.0m square meters. The transition wires of active parts, such as switchboard panels, should be sufficiently flexible.

2, insulation wire is resistant to moisture, mildew resistant and flame retardant, insulation voltage rating: line voltage is less than or equal to 100V, the insulation voltage should be greater than or equal to 250V; line voltage is greater than 100V less than or equal to 450V, the insulation voltage should be greater than or equal to 500V.

3. The wiring shall be properly attached to the specified terminal according to the drawing.

4. The wiring shall be arranged in order, clear and beautiful. The conductor is well insulated and free from damage.

5. The cables in the cabinet shall be arranged in order, clearly numbered and avoided crossing, and shall be firmly secured and shall not be subjected to mechanical force.

6. The head, tail end and middle of the main circuit shall be marked with coloured plastic sleeves (yellow, green and red).

7, stripping wire insulation should be used for stripping tools, shall not damage the wire core, will not damage without stripping the insulation, the incision should be flat.

8, the wire and electrical components between bolt connection, splicing, welding or crimping, etc., should be solid and reliable.

9, each electrical components of the contact at most allowed to connect 2 lines.

10, each terminal row of the junction is generally not suitable for two wires, in special cases, if two wires must be connected, then the connection must be reliable.

11. The short wiring of the centrally arranged components should not enter the slot to facilitate inspection and save the wire space.

12. The maximum allowable ampacity of the circuit in the cabinet is shown in table A.

13, the bus and electrical connections, the contact surface should be in line with the current national standards "installation of electrical installations, busbar device construction and acceptance norms" of the relevant provisions. The minimum electrical clearance of the busbar with different phases at the connection is shown in table B.

Three, grounding requirements

1. The grounding line of the component in the cabinet shall be specially laid out. If the connection is made in parallel, it may be dangerous because of a short-circuit at the same point. The earthing trunk section should be the same as the main power line section or a small one, but should not be less than 4m square meters.

2. The contact surfaces of earthing devices must be polished and pasted to ensure good contact and to prevent loosening and rust.

3, the distribution board should have reliable grounding device, equipped with electrical components of the panel and the framework, as well as between the frame and the base, should be reliably grounded.

4 、 the secondary windings of the voltage transformer and current transformer shall be individually and reliably grounded, and the grounding shall be provided with a durable grounding mark. The earthing shall not be shared with the work ground, the ground wire and the earthing screw.

5. On the covers, doors, shutters and similar components, if there is no electrical equipment installed, the usual metal screw connections and metal hinge connections are considered sufficient to ensure continuity of the circuit.

6. An open door equipped with electrical appliances shall be securely connected with a bare copper cord and a grounded metal frame.

7 、 flexible earthing conductor of door cabinet and cabinet body. Galvanized shield tape is used. The end treatment shall be pressed by O copper joint, and the shielding tape shall not be punched and fixed directly.

8. Protect and work the ground connection terminal thread.