Comparison of pumps between China and foreign countries

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The following is from the advantages and differences of two aspects to explore the specific domestic pump and foreign water pump difference:


First: low cost. This is almost the biggest advantage of China's manufacturing sector, which is less than $3 a day on average. Most businesses recruit workers from other parts of the country. The factory is the worker's dormitory to reduce costs. The cost of leasing factories or building factories is also lower than in Western countries.

Second: petrochemical, construction industry support. The rapid growth of China's construction, petroleum, petrochemical and environmental protection markets and major water diversion projects also provide important support for the development of China's pump industry. It can be said that the continuous growth of China's market space is the prerequisite for China's pump industry to maintain its advantages.

Indeed, these conditions create a good opportunity for the pump industry. However, these advantages are caused by the external environment of the enterprise. It is not the formation of the core competitiveness of the enterprise, nor can it form the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Therefore, from these aspects, we still have a big gap with the gear pumps in the west.

The first is the lack of design ability, can not keep up with. Some large state-owned enterprises can now manufacture parts for overseas pump enterprises. These enterprises have advanced computer data processing centers and CNC machine tools, computer-aided design, three coordinate measurement and other equipment. However, these devices are rarely used in domestic product processing. This has also hindered the improvement of China's pump design capability. Therefore, most of the domestic pump design ability can only meet the domestic market.

Secondly, the processing technology is relatively backward. Although some domestic pump manufacturers have modern equipment, automatic operation can be realized, and even the Western foundry enterprises are dwarfed. But most enterprises have outdated equipment and bad working conditions. At present, Chinese pump companies can cast aluminum, copper, cast steel, cast iron, 304 and 316 stainless steel, composite material of pump products, but due to backward casting, cast steel, cast iron materialsgreat waste in the production process.

The most important point is lack of technological innovation ability. At present, many domestic pump enterprises to introduce advanced technology, rarely do innovation. When overseas customers visit China's heavy industrial projects, such as paper making, petrochemical, etc., the pump products found in many projects have only been changed on the basis of western design prototypes according to the nominal system and the German industrial standards. As a result, it is difficult for pump enterprises to export their products to the western market.

Although there is a great gap between China's pumps and foreign pumps, it is both a challenge and an opportunity for the Chinese pump industry. The country put forward to market for technology policy, to "transfer of technology, joint design and manufacturing cooperation" and other ways to cooperate with the foreign, while ensuring that domestic enterprises have the color ratio, promote domestic enterprises to master the full R & D and manufacturing technology. I believe China pump can catch up, ride in the stream.