corporate culture:

Hunan Lijia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. the culture system, in the cultural level is the core values of the enterprise, enterprise vision, mission, spirit of enterprise, including business philosophy, management philosophy, talent concept, product concept, principle of work, service concept, image language and other aspects of the content. It identifies the Lijia future development of some major strategic choice, to determine the basic idea of enterprise operation mechanism, management reform, expounds the value proposition and the cultural orientation of enterprises, highlighting the beautiful vision of Kellet people and the pursuit of the cause.

Enterprise culture is a kind of psychological contract, which requires us to feel it with our heart and concentrate on our strength. To create a good cultural atmosphere is made, will pay more attention to the harmony and unity of spirit and value leading concept, it should pay attention to cultural management in the legal system and management at the same time, the enterprise culture to guide us to do the right thing. Lijia culture not only need to develop the "pioneer", "master" consciousness, more is a division team set up the order, so that we truly understand the essence of culture is the establishment of a suitable enterprise internal operation order, this order is our team and we always abide by the original.

We should adhere to our own teachings, from time to time, from spirit to behavior, and show the fine cultural color. We are different because of our special qualities and styles, ideals and spirits.

Enterprise strategic level

Enterprise vision:To provide the most reliable, energy-saving and safest pump products for mankind

Enterprise Mission:Pump your whole heart and trust it for ever

Enterprise value layer

Enterprise core values: Hard work and woe responsibility for innovation 

Enterprise execution layer

management idea: Strong quality, strong service, win the market, strive for efficiency, stable operation, create brand

management philosophy: System as the link, people-oriented

Talent idea: Every man has his chance, and he who has power has reward

Product concept: Continuous improvement, excellence

Work creed: Quick response, excellent execution, communication, cooperation, overall excellence

service idea: Begin with profession, see little