The company directly under the production department: Production Department, mold workshop, machining workshop, assembly workshop; technical department: design department, technology department, inspection department, quality control department, water pump test station makes the product test from design, mold manufacturing, casting and machining parts, assembly and product performance, were able to complete the all in the factory, which is conducive to the effective monitoring of the whole process of product quality.

Processing workshop construction area of about 3000 square meters, there are vertical lathe, floor boring machine, grinding machine, CNC Longmen boring, milling machines and other large equipment. Can be rotated within 4500mm diameter of various parts and processing 3000mm within the long axis, and can be carried out within 3500mm length of deep hole processing. It can balance 1.6 meters of rotating parts. The weight of the balancing parts can reach 5000 kilograms, which provides the necessary guarantee for the safe and smooth operation of the water pump.

Workshop area of 2000 square meters, regardless of the user requirements or not, each pump factory must go through the check assembly, find and correct assembly problems due to processing the cumulative errors produced by as soon as possible, so as to eliminate the equipment arrived at the scene found the installation problems and give users bring all kinds of trouble. living

Our products from design - mold manufacturing - casting processing - parts processing - product assembly - performance testing, etc., are completed in our factory. According to the combination of traditional process and digital modernization, the key process of key parts and components has been reformed.

The main shaft of water pump carries out the nondestructive inspection of the heat treatment and the chrome plating in the key parts, and it can also use the CAD technology to calculate the service life of the shaft accurately according to the result of the flaw detection. For the safe operation of the pump to provide effective protection.



 five meters vertical lathe

four meters Horizontal lathe



Longmen boring and milling machine

  Large dynamic balancing machine



 Floor borer

 Radial drilling machine