MARKETS     |      2023-01-13 16:03:35

Licha Pump is a leading solutions provider of highly efficient vertical and submersible turbine pumps to the municipal market able to meet the growing demands of potable water worldwide. With the ever increasing demands of the industry, we have lead and exceeded the new industry standards and our product and testing capabilities including:

6” – 30” Hydraulics; Flows to: 25,000 GPM; Heads to: 2,000 feet; up to 2,000 HP

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System, Glendale, AZ facility

NSF61 & 372 Pump Certification

Material Capabilities include: Cast & Ductile Iron; Silicon, Aluminum, & Tin Bronzes; 304, 316 and Duplex Stainless Steels

Hydraulic Institute testing compliance standards

Stainless Impeller Group

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Whether your needs include short sets for water treatment or distribution, or a deep well vertical line shaft or submersible pumps for rural water supply, National Pump will provide you with a pumping solution that will reduce total life cycle costs by improving pumping efficiency and reliability.


Licha Pump in action providing municipal markets with efficient, reliable pumps for their rural water supply.