Maintenance of LC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

 The vertical turbine pump     |      2022-07-16 21:49:10

Maintenance of LC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

(1) Daily maintenance and inspection items of LC vertical long-axis pump

A Check the cooling and lubricating water supply system of vertical long-axis pump, whether there is leakage or blockage in piping line and pump. If there is leakage, the vertical long-axis pump should be repaired immediately.

B Check all kinds of instruments, etc.

C. Measure the vibration value of vertical long shaft pump regularly and pay attention to the increase of noise.

D. Adjust the leakage rate of packing seal of vertical long axle pump in time.

E. Check whether the clearance of the rotating coordination part of vertical long-axis pump is too large to cause relaxation.

F. for long-term non-use of vertical long-axis pump, if conditions, start a run-in operation, time is not less than 5 minutes. Unconditionally, you can use manual turning.

(2) LC Vertical Long Axis Pump Annual Inspection Items

A. Check the wear of the rotating part of the vertical long shaft pump.

B. Check the clearance between impeller and sealing ring of vertical long shaft pump.

C. Check the cavitation, corrosion and erosion of LC vertical long shaft pump impeller and its parts with runner.

Maintenance and Repairing

1. Running diary and Supervise files

1.1 Running diary

The running diary must include the following item: test time, operating and stopping time, the reading of the pressure gauge, current, voltage, frequency, rotating speed, vibration, noise, environment temperature, bearing temperating, the leakage of the packig box and suction, height etc.

1.2 Supervise file

Write down the ex-factory date, manufacturer, main performance date and the inspection record of the pump, its assoicated driver ( like motor) and the gear.

2. Maintenance

Correct maintenance has a large significance to the running of the pump at its best state,  the service life of the pump as well as avoiding the incident during the running.

2.1 Daily inspection item

2.1.1 Please close the plug of the pressure meter after the pump stops work.

2.1.2 Check if there is any leakage of the supply system of lubricating cool-water, pipes and pump.Please amend it in time if there is any leakage.

2.1.3 Check all instruments.

2.1.4 Keep a record of vibration value regularly and check if there is any increased noise or not.

2.1.5 Watch and check if there is any jam of the cooling lubricating pipeline.

2.1.6 Adjust the leakage amount of the packing properly.

2.1.7 Keep the pump set clean and take running records.

2.2 Monthly inspection item

2.2.1 Check the coaxial degree of the pump amd motor and adjust it if needed.

2.2.2 Check the lubricating oil and lubricating water.

2.2.3 Test vibration and noise.

2.2.4 Check if there is any large clearance between rotating fitting parts to prevent the loose.

2.2.5 If it permits, please start the machine and make it run for 5 minutes for those pumps which will not be used for a long time. If not, please turn the pump manually.

2.3 yearly insepction item

2.3.1 Check the rotating parts to see if there is any abrasion.

2.3.2 Check the clearance of impeller and gasket ring.

2.3.3 Check the NPSHr, corrosion and errosion of the impellers and its parts of the flow path.

2.3.4 Check the abrasion of the bearing and packing sleeve.