Maintenance of VTP Series Vertical Long Axis Pumps

 The vertical turbine pump     |      2022-07-16 22:42:16

Maintenance of VTP Series Vertical Long Axis Pumps

1. Pump disassembly

Pump disassembly is generally contrary to the installation process. For all contact surfaces, the end face and the stop of the transmission shaft and the water pipe, the thread appearance shall be cleaned with kerosene and coated with antirust oil.

2. Disassembly of pump body

< 1 > Loosen the lower diversion shell;

< 2 > The small head of the cone sleeve is impacted by a punch cylinder from the inlet of the impeller, so that the cone sleeve and the impeller are loosened and the cone sleeve and impeller are removed.

< 3 > Remove the next intermediate diversion shell.

< 4 > Repeat steps 2 and 3 to remove all guide hulls, impellers and conical sleeves.

After the decomposition of the pump body, the parts should be inspected for wear and tear. If the wear is serious, the parts should be replaced.

4. Maintenance

<1> After the dismantling of the pump body, check the wear of the impeller. If the wear is serious, the impeller should be replaced. If it is only slight wear, the contact surface can be polished and used again. Check the impeller seal ring and consider whether to replace it according to the wear condition.

<2> If there is wear on the conical surface of the guide shell and impeller, it should be corrected again to ensure that it is consistent with the fitting surface of the impeller. In addition, the passage passage of the diversion shell should be inspected and cleaned.

<3> If the impeller shaft has chromium plating position, it should be checked and replaced if it has been peeled off.

<4> Check the guide bearings in the guide case and consider whether to replace them according to the wear condition.

<5> Check whether the cone sleeve is damaged or not, and if it is damaged, it should be replaced.

5. Periodic maintenance

The maintenance period of pump operation is from six months to one year. After one year of operation of the pump, if the unit is still running smoothly, there is no large vibration, and the reading of the ammeter is normal, then the maintenance period can be extended appropriately, but not more than three years. If the operation is not more than one year, but the unit has more intense vibration, should consider whether the guide bearing was damaged prematurely, at this time should be timely shutdown inspection, replacement of damaged parts. Periodically check the sand content in the well, if it is too high, the well should be cleaned.