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Double suction pump

SAP/SA single stage horizontal double suction centrifugal pump

SAP/SA single stage horizontal double suction centrifugal pump

Head of delivery:10.8-143.3m
Seal gland:机械密封



Type SA pump is single-stage double-suction split casing centrifugal pump. It is used for delivering clear water or other liquids which is physically or chemically similar to clear water.
Type SAP pump is newly developed on the basis of type SA pump and advanced technology imported from KSB in Germany and IR in U.S.A. Its performance is the same with type SA pump and its construction is more reasonable and reliable than type SA pump. It is suitable for water supply and drainage in fields of factories, mines, cities, and power stations as well as water conservancy. The highest temperature of liquid can not exceed 80℃. Permissible inlet pressure can not be over than 0.6Mpa.

  10SA-6JB 10SAP-6JB
  10—The number obtained from the inlet diameter divided by 25 (inlet diameter is 250mm).
  SA、SAP—Single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump.
  6—The number obtained from the pump specific speed divided by 10.
  J—The rated speed is changed ( No indication, when the rated speed is not changed)
  B—The cut code of impeller

Range of performance (Design point)
  Capacity:  90~11855m3/h,
  Head:     9.5~125m

Construction feature
  The inlet and the outlet of type SA/SAP pump are under the shaft . The centerline of inlet and outlet is perpendicular to the axis. The main parts of pump are pump casing, pump cover, impeller, shaft, sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bearing and shaft seal etc. The pump casing and pump cover forms a working house of impeller, after impeller is static balanced, it is located by shaft sleeve and fasten nut. The axial force of impeller is balanced by vane and the surplus axial force is borne by two ends bearing. Pump casing is horizontal split casing and it is unnecessary to dismantle motor and piping when maintenance. Compared with type SA pump, the shaft of type SAP has more long using life because of its bareness parts protected by shaft sleeve. 
  Pump uses rolling bearing and sliding bearing , bearings are mounted in bearing body and get lubricated by grease or dilute oil.
  Shaft seal adopts either soft packing seal or mechanical seal.
  Pump is directly driven by motor through flexible pin coupling, it is counter clockwise looking from the motor to the pump, i.e. the pump inlet is on the left and the outlet is on the right. It can also be designed clockwise according to user’s requirement, please give indication in contract.

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