VTC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

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VTC Vertical Long Shaft Pump

Product Description: VTC vertical long shaft pump (deep well pump) is also known as "turbine pump" abroad. It has the characteristics of wide lift range, compact structure and small floor area.

Its expanding products include cylinder-bag pumps for conveying condensate water and highly volatile liquids.

It can be used for fire fighting, deep well water lifting, permeable water drainage, rainwater drainage, tap water intake and other deep drainage occasions.


Technical parameters: flow range: Q=15-5500M3/H

Head range: H=10-300M

Liquid temperature: < 85 C

Speed: 3600/2950/1480/980/740

Scope of application: VTC vertical long-axis pump can be used for deep well water lifting, rainwater drainage and permeable water drainage; fire protection in industrial and mining enterprises; water intake in tap water industry;

Iron oxide scale water and ash slag water in iron and steel industry; vertical long shaft pump with cylinder-bag type can be used to transport condensate and volatile liquids.

Material: stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, cast steel ZG235-450, cast iron QT400-18 or HT250, duplex steel 2205 or 2507

Material of main parts  

 czb- Material of Main Parts.jpg

Remark: Other materials can be used according to user’srequirement. 

The suction port of VTP vertical long-axis pump is vertical downward, the outlet is horizontal, no vacuum start, single foundation installation, direct connection of pump and motor, and the foundation occupies a small area. From the motor end, the rotor parts of the pump rotate counterclockwise. The main characteristics are as follows:

1. Optimum design of hydraulic design software has superior performance, and the anti-abrasion performance of impeller and guide vane is fully considered, so that the service life of impeller and guide vane is greatly improved, and the product runs smoothly, safely, reliably, efficiently and energy-saving.

2. The inlet of LB type non-pumpable vertical long-axis pump is equipped with filter screen, and the size of the opening is appropriate. It not only effectively prevents large particles from entering the pump to damage the pump, but also minimizes the loss of the inlet and improves the efficiency of the pump.

3. The impeller of VTP vertical long-axis pump adopts balanced hole to balance the axial force. The front and rear cover plates of the impeller are equipped with replaceable sealing rings to protect the impeller and guide vane.

4. The rotor components of VTP vertical long-axis pump include impeller, impeller shaft, intermediate shaft, upper shaft, coupling, adjusting nut and other parts.

5. The middle shaft, riser and guard pipe of VTP vertical long-axis pump are multi-section, and the shaft is connected by threaded coupling or sleeve coupling. The number of riser pipes can be increased or decreased according to user's needs to adapt to different underwater depth. The impeller and guide vane can be single-stage or multi-stage to meet different lift requirements.

6. The length of single shaft of VTP vertical long-axis pump is reasonable and its stiffness is enough.

7. VTP vertical long-axle pump vertical long-axle pump water pipes adopt flange connection, and there is a guide bearing body between two adjacent water pipes. The guide bearing body and the guide vane body are equipped with guide bearings, which are made of PTFE or Cylon or NBR. The guard pipe is used to protect the shaft and guide bearing. When transporting clean water, the guard pipe can be cancelled, and the guide bearing does not need external cooling and lubricating water. When transporting sewage, the guard pipe must be installed, and the guide bearing must be provided with external cooling and lubricating water (water pump with self-closing sealing system, after the pump shuts down, the self-closing sealing system can prevent sewage from entering the guide bearing).

8. The residual axial force of VTP vertical long-axis pump and the weight of the rotor components can be borne by the thrust bearing in the motor support or by the motor with thrust bearing. Thrust bearings are lubricated with grease (also known as dry oil lubrication) or lubricating oil (also known as thin oil lubrication).

9. The shaft seal of VTP vertical long shaft pump is packed seal, and replaceable sleeve is installed at the shaft seal and guide bearing to protect the shaft. The axial position of the impeller is adjusted by the upper end of the thrust bearing component or the adjusting nut in the pump coupling, which is very convenient.

10. VTP vertical long-axis pumps with outlet diameters of 100 and 150 are only used for transporting clean water at room temperature without guard pipe and guide bearings without external lubrication water lubrication. If users need vertical long-axis pumps with guard pipe of 100 and 150 calibers, the company can provide additional technical solutions.

Performance and advantages: VTC vertical long axis pump has small floor area. It can be made into multi-stage to adapt to higher lift.

Because it is a dry pump, it's safer than a submersible pump.

No irrigation and diversion is needed, and it can be started at any time.

It has a unique sediment discharge structure and can adapt to the water with sediment.

With a variety of different materials, it can be adapted to various media, including acid and sea water.

The metal mould casting processed by the whole processing center has beautiful appearance and smooth runner.